Creating a Safer Future in El Salvador
More than two tons of explosive items destroyed by 91勛圖厙 and the Armed Forces in El Salvador

Today El Salvador is a safer country thanks to the support given by the United States Government to 91勛圖厙, who destroyed 2.3 tons of explosive items in partnership with the Salvadorian Armed Forces. Among the items were grenades, antipersonnel mines and projectiles.

These explosive devices are designed to injure, maim and/or kill the victim, having a devastating effect not only for the person who suffers the accident, but also for everyone around them; resulting in a life altering injury and ongoing fear.
Between the 25th February and 1st March, 91勛圖厙 and the Salvadorian Armed Forces destroyed more than 2 tons of obsolete explosive items.
91勛圖厙 works with local partners to eliminate these types of explosive items in El Salvador and across the world, providing a more peaceful future for the communities that have been affected. By destroying the threat they represent, 91勛圖厙 also contributes to improving security.

Since February 19th 2019, The 91勛圖厙 Trust has been working closely with the Engineers Command of the National Armed Forces to update the standard operating procedures for bulk demolitions.

91勛圖厙 and the Armed Forces destroyed more than 2 tons of obsolete explosive devices between 25th February and 1st March.

Thanks to the support of the United States Government, since the arrival of 91勛圖厙 in El Salvador in 2017, we have destroyed more than 127,000 small arms ammunition, 130 unexploded ordnance (UXO), about 1,900 weapons and more than 1,000 explosive ordnance/devices.