In 2014, over 140 countries pledged to clear their borders of landmines by 2025, agreeing to finish the job. Despite this commitment, the world is not on track to be free from landmines. Conflict and violence are still pervasive, and new explosive threats continue to endanger civilians.

Every year, we remove hundreds of thousands of explosives, making land safe and helping families achieve a future free from danger and fear. By 2025, we hope to make thousands of more families completely safe from landmines.

But we cannot do it alone. 2025 may still be five years away, but your support is needed now more than ever. Together, we can help people like Seang who still lives with the consequences of landmines laid decades ago.

Seang's Story

Landmines Threaten Lives and Perpetuate Poverty

After retiring from the military, Seang and his family moved to Ba Huy Khmer Tboung village, just near the Thai border. Little did they know that their new home was surrounded by thousands of landmines, leftover from the countrys brutal conflict throughout the 70s and 80s. For Seang, a future free from landmines and explosives can make a world of difference.

Once my land is safe, I want to grow food so that I can support my family because we are currently struggling.

Seang, Ba Huy Khmer Tboung village, Cambodia

With few jobs in the area, families have little choice but to venture to the villages outskirts to forage for items to sell, such as crabs and mushrooms. In doing so, they jeopardize their safety walking amongst the areas hidden landmines. In fact, Seangs neighbour was badly hurt in an accident involving a landmine.

Families shouldnt have to risk their lives to make a living. And with your support, they wont have to. We can give Seang and families across the world a future they deserve, free from fear. The journey to landmine free communities by 2025 must start here, now and with you.